About me

Ekaterina KhatuntsevaMy name is Ekaterina Khatuntseva. I was born in Russia, the country of vast landscapes and beautiful contrasts. I spent my childhood in a rural area, full of sun, air, and blue sky. All that predetermined my love for environmental art. Since an early age I was interested in painting, and although I never had a possibility to study visual arts, I always felt that painting is more than just a mere hobby for me. I am mostly self-taught, having attended a few classes and workshops.

Since 2006, I have participated in various exhibitions in Russia and displayed my artworks in online art galleries. Currently my works constitute part of private collections in USA, Australia, England, Russia and Ukraine. An educator as well as an artist, I have recently started art tutoring for children in our local community.

I enjoy the natural wealth of color and my favorite colors are blue and ochre. They help me fill my works with light and air. My favorite tools are brushes, oil paints and canvas. Oil paints provide a wide range of colors, a rich color depth and give me the possibility to experiment with textures. I prefer living and moving forms, so the composition usually has its own rhythm.

Painting fills me with a sense of accomplishment and integrity, and helps me translate my inner vision to outer reality. All my projects are always grounded in pleasure and aesthetics. My main themes in art are Children, Landscapes and Insects. I try to express children’s thirst for exploration, adventure and traveling. I try to fathom children’s beautiful dreams and reveal them to the rational world of adults. My landscape work is inspired by my travels and by my natural surroundings. Children and Nature are my endless sources of beauty and inspiration.